Roof Leak Repair NJ Can Perform Any Roofing Services You Need

At Roof Leak Repair NJ, we do more than simply plug leaks and replace shingles, although we’re proud to excel at that, too. No matter the scope of your project, whether it involves metalwork, masonry, glass, vinyl siding, or any other type of installation or repair, we can handle it. However, if you do need shingle work, we’re ready for that as well. Our team of professionals at Roof Leak Repair NJ can do shingle replacement, repair, or replacement on any number of materials, from asphalt to slate to clay/terracotta. You may desire other roofing services, and we can easily assist you with those as well — like roof ventilation spanning from ridge vents to soffit vents to gable-end vents. These are among the myriad services we offer at a great price. Call us today with your project ideas and let us assist you with making them a reality.

We can also work with on other energy efficiency measures as well, including energy efficient shingles that reflect heat instead of absorbing it, greatly reducing your HVAC costs. These shingles aren’t much more than standard issue, and their overall effect is to help rein in expenses — which means they pay for themselves in the long run. These green roofs come in a number of colors too - allowing you to keep the particular look for your house that you have always been looking for and not sacrificing any aesthetic appeal that you have worked so hard to introduce to your home or business or industrial building. We can also work with you on some of the newest solar technology installations, whether you need a standard grid-tie inversion setup, a standalone solar array, or a backup system. Give us a call today to discuss our offerings in more detail, or visit us on the web at any time that you might prefer.

At Roof Leak Repair NJ, there’s no limit to our capabilities. We can do all sorts of repair work, from simple shingle replacement to leak repair to replacing rotted wood. Often wood rot results from allowing a leak, hidden or otherwise, to just plainly linger for just a bit too long, damaging the underlying wood. This only gets worse with time, and we have the diverse skills and the certified professionals who can carry out any sort of wood repair and replacement that you might need because of roof issues.
Similarly, we can help with potential issues such as hail, lightning, or ice, and our team is well qualified to work through any sort of hail repair that can damage your shingles and entire roof. We can also even install an ice melt system that can help mitigate the issues that can be caused during a tough New Jersey winter - and you can think of that sort of work as an investment that can help mitigate future potential roofing costs. Give us a call today at 732-527-4019 or visit us on the web and see what makes the Roof Leak Repair NJ difference.

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My neighbors have all asked who did the roof repair after we lost several sections of shingles during last weeks storm, I was glad to tell them it was Roof Leak Repair NJ because of the fine work that was done.

– Loretta Mysliwiec, Atlantic Highlands